How To Keep A Gemini Man Interested

Have you ever sparked an amazing conversation with a handsome Gemini man only to have things quickly break off? If so? Then you aren’t alone, and it’s no wonder why so many women want to know how to keep a Gemini man interested.

I’ve been involved in the ups and downs with Gemini men before, until I finally figured out various ways to keep them interested in me.

The truth is is that Gemini men have many personality types, which most women fail to understand (and that’s why it always feels like fighting an uphill battle).

However, after practicing these simple tips that I’ll be revealing below, you won’t ever have to wonder how to keep a Gemini man interested in you.

how to keep a gemini man interested
Keep Reading If You Want To Know How To Keep A Gemini Man Interested

In my final year on campus I met a handsome Gemini man and we both started taking until we finally decided to date.

The guy was excellent, and our relationship was getting better…

Until the time where he started doing the complete opposite of what I was expecting…

Which really surprised me, by the way.

Sadly, I didn’t know that this was one of the characteristics of a Gemini man.

I started pursuing him, and as a result?

He stopped returning my text messages and calls out of nowhere.

  • I began to feel like he was slipping away slowly.
  • I even thought that he was dating other women.
  • And it was excruciating since I had no clue of what I was doing wrong.

However, I started to research how to keep a Gemini man interested and I stumbled upon a few tips that really changed everything.

He then became very interested in me and even confessed that he couldn’t leave me for any other woman.

So if you are one of the ladies out there who are desperately trying to figure out how to keep a Gemini man interested in you, then there is no need to panic.

Allow me to help as I walk you through a few simple tips to make him interested in you.

How To Keep A Gemini Man Interested

Alright, this one is important.

  • Keep Up With His Witty Sense of Humor

Most Gemini guys are known to have a witty sense of human and they can crack a joke at almost anything.

A Gemini guy can even make jokes out of many serious matters (which sometimes can be boring for us women).


If you can’t match his jokes, then he will see no reason to keep you around.

I am not the kind of lady who is into joking around a lot, and therefore I realized that I must at least keep up with his sense of humor.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to communicate with a Gemini man?

This is what you really need to focus on.

And when I made this simple little change?

He was glad and responsive.

And consequently, I adapted quickly to be the kind of a girl every Gemini guy wants.

I then concluded that you only have to show your guy that you are funny and you also like his jokes, and then he will always crave you.

  • Understand Who A Gemini Man Is

Gemini men have many different types of personalities which can many times make them confusing, and also very different from other men.

It is therefore vital to understand the traits of a Gemini man.

Otherwise the conflicts can continue, and he will finally lose your interest.

A Gemini man can never be predictable, but keep in mind that this does not mean that he doesn’t love or like you.

You have to understand this and make sure that you don’t pressure him since he will lose interest in you and walk away.

  • Uphold Spontaneousness and Be Surprising

You have to know that Gemini men will always be attracted to women who are spontaneous.

Surprisingly, this is where most women, including myself, have got it wrong.

It is also important to portray a different side of your guy every time you meet since this will catch him by surprise.

You also have to be wild sometime to prove to him that you also have a personality that fits his irrational and erratic sides.

  • Maintain Some Mystery While Talking To Him

Back then, I was one of the girls who would openly share everything about my life.

And unfortunately?

I never realized that type of behavior was a turn off to a Gemini man.

So if you want to know exactly how to get a Gemini man to chase you, here is the secret.

While dating him, you have to restrain yourself from telling him everything about your life.

This will make him curious about you and always wanting to know more…

And that’s exactly what will allow a Gemini man to continue chasing you.

how to keep a gemini man interested
Mystery Can Go A Long Way When It Comes To A Gemini Man

However, you must be careful not to lie to him as this will make him see you as someone who cannot be trusted.

So what will happen when you practice the above tips?

He will give you a warm and emotional welcome.

A Gemini man has a lot of emotional attachment when he is in love (which he will pour on to you).

This happened when I utilized the tips that I am sharing with you today, and everything changed.

It was as if he was willing to accompany me everywhere I went.

You will never get a dull moment with him.

A Gemini man loves to talk fun with the lady that he loves.

That means that there won’t be any of those plain and dull moments where you feel bored in the company of each other…

Because he will be willing to share interesting stories and jokes with you.

He will introduce you to his friends.

When you observe the above tips, your Gemini man will love you to the extent of introducing you to his friends.

Gemini men are secretive in their love relationship, and they cannot open up with women they can’t trust with their love.

So when he introduces you to his friends?

Then take that as a great sign!

So here’s a quick recap of what we’ve covered:

How To Keep The Gemini Man Interested

  1. Keep up with his sense of humor.
  2. Understand exactly who the Gemini man is.
  3. Remember to be both spontaneous and surprising.
  4. And maintain some mystery when you’re talking to him.


In conclusion, I really hope that you enjoyed these 4 tips when it comes to how to keep a Gemini man interested in you.

Follow them, and your love relationship with that handsome man will revive, and the guy will never let you go.

And before you go?

I think you’ll really enjoy it.